Our Mission

Why Were Here

Say what you will about the Colorado Parks and Wildlife, but they’ve done an incredible job creating opportunities for the intrepid sportsman to take full advantage of our fall seasons. By re-issuing returned tags they’ve created thousands of additional opportunities each year for us all to hunt in some of Colorado’s most coveted units using zero preference points. However, with hundreds of thousands of individuals to try and cater to, the system has become incomplete and imperfect. And if you don’t have time to monitor the leftover list all day, the internet hawks are going to snag those tags before you even knew they were available.

Until Now

We created the app for the dad banging nails on a construction site all day. For the mom trying to fit yoga in between conference calls and PTO meetings. The office manager going through yet another stack of receivables. Simply enter the hunt codes your interested in into the app, it’ll notify you when that tag is available and will take you directly to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife purchasing site. We even made it old guy proof so that our technologically impaired friends can get in on the fun. 

Our Promise

Our promise to you is to never send you a notification about anything other than an available tag you’re looking for. We want you to jump like a kid at Christmas when you see the alert pop up on your phone. We want you to agonize with your buddies over which hunt codes to watch. Just like you agonize over which hunts you’re applying for next year. We want you off the couch with a tag in your hands THIS fall. 


As sportsmen we believe that it’s our job to promote the conservation of the wildlife we spend our lives dedicated to. We’re proud to announce that we are partnering with the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society and that 5% of our revenue from downloads will be donated to their cause. With multiple projects each year including; habitat restoration, transplants, and help fighting pneumonia within our sheep herds, money directed to the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Society goes towards keeping these amazing animals on the mountain. And we couldn’t be happier to support such an amazing organization. 


“The RMBS exists to promote the science-based management of the bighorn sheep, educate the public about their life and habitat, and assure the sportsman’s rights in proper opportunities.”- RMBS Mission Statement